I was asked a question by one of the leaders of the company I work. The question was “How can we be more attractive to technologists?”

I truly believe that Centric is a great company to work for. We are good at attracting some skills, but not as good as attracting others. We are a Management and IT Consulting Firm. We do interesting work, but it is not that different than other firms in the regions where we operate. We do cool things like our annual company trip to places like the Bahamas, Cancun and New Orleans; we pay pretty well and we have real bonuses. Are these compelling to technologists?

I am asking for your input. As a technologist, what would be a compelling reason or reasons for you to join a firm? Is it a hardware/tinkering budget? Tools? Great and powerful hardware? What do you think? You can contact me directly via Twitter (@ShawnWallace) or Email(shawn@wshawn.com). If you like, just leave a comment below.