Mastering the Technical-Leadership Balancing Act: Sustaining Your Software Engineering Career

Staying Technical While Leveraging Leadership Skills for Long-Term Success in the Software Engineering Field

Software engineering has been an incredible career choice, providing me with opportunities to be part of remarkable organizations and contribute to innovative projects. However, as the years pass and experience grows, you come to realize that your value extends beyond simply solving individual problems. You may find yourself standing at... [Read More]
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Unlocking the Potential of ChatGPT: A Guide for Software Engineers

Orienting your skills toward AI/ML and recent developments

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The realm of AI has witnessed significant advancements what seems like almost overnight. One of the most remarkable being the development of conversational AI models like OpenAI’s GPT offering. I have been surprised by how rapidly things have advanced and feel as if I’ve been playing catchup. Playing catchup often... [Read More]

Embracing the Future: An Aging Software Developer's Perspective on ChatGPT

My thoughts on an AI/ML and how recent "advances" will affect the next several years.

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In a world that constantly evolves with technological advancements, the role of software developers remains crucial. However, the rapid progress in artificial intelligence has left some seasoned developers feeling uncertain about their place in the future. Let’s take a few minutes to dive into how I, an aging software developer,... [Read More]