Below is a quote from my profile on our company web page.

There are few things more personally satisfying than shipping great solutions that contribute to the success of my clients.

It’s true. I love to ship. This is what we’re about. I love that day when our software goes live, when all of our hard work starts adding value and paying off. It is even better when things go smoothly.

Last week our team shipped. This is the release of the last 18 months of work by 50+ people. On top of just shipping this new, large, complicated insurance product, our teams were dealing with enormous change by using a new approach to the work that was more collaborative and very foreign to many of them. The actual deployment was a non-event. Things went smooth and support call volume did not spike. I think this is an indication that the team did their job well.

I’m incredibly proud of this team, their effort and willingness to do any job to get the big job done. When you are this proud, it’s hard not to share it! Well done!